The lasagana of love.

My lasagna has been the foundation of some my most epic friendships. I’ll be never forget blessing a fellow Kinette with a couple meals when she was recovering from the birth of her first child. She was overwhelmed and a simple meal meant more than I could have imagined to her. It morphed us from acquaintances to friends to certified besties.

Lasagna is clearly a favourite foood of mine. It’s my go to for pregnant girlfriends too tired/sick too cook, new moms, newly mourning, and a full harvest crew. It nourishes the soul and the body.

Food is more than the nutrients we derive from a meal. It’s a celebration of senses. A time for family bonding. It can elicit a memory with a single whiff of scent or mouthful of flavour. It connects us to so very many celebrations and family gatherings.

I could try to put together my recipe but honestly, I’m a cook by feel not by recipe kind of gal and this lasagna is carried love more than anything else.

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