Duty of care.

This week we were blessed with yet another drop off cat. Meet Jerry. He’s super sweet, neutered and most definitely was someone’s house pet not too long ago. Thankfully, we welcome cats and have a vet in the family to provide free care, so, we keep all drop offs as our pets. But, this weekend getting yet another cat got me kind of rant-y about the concept of “Duty of Care.”


Jerry, our newest member of our feline family. They 7th (I think)  drop off cat we received this year.

I get my hackles up as I feel that farmers are sometimes portrayed as money grabbing tyrants that don’t care for their animals. I assure you we do.

I care when I get up at 2:30 in the morning to check my cows for babies after nursing my own baby.


I care when I bottle feed a baby whose mother doesn’t have enough milk for him.


I really care when I have to help doctor a poor baby that has a spinal injury. We give her pain medication, have the vet assess her, help her nurse and keep her isolated until we have to make the heart breaking decision to euthanize the poor baby as although we love animals, we aren’t miracle workers. (No pictures here for this poor baby.)

We care for our animals. My brother in law knows each and every animal by sight and their geneologys back farther than you can imagine.

My husband and I have 11 years of combined education in animal science.

My sister in law is a large animal vet. Our business is more than our livelihood, it’s our life.

So why would someone drop off their pets with me if they didn’t think we would provide them with a good home? I’m betting most people when they really assess what they think of farmers will agree, we are good stewards.


The kids checking cows from a safe spot.

So the next time someone you know goes on about factory farms and how cattle aren’t taken care of, please, take a minute and think about my story. We have 270 mama cows and a 100+ bulls on our farm. To some we may be considered a factory farm but we are Family Farm. I farm because I love my cattle. It is my passion and calling in life.

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