Weekends – How we balance farm & family time

We just had Family Day Weekend in Saskatchewan. I thought I would share how we balance farm and family time. We work during the week, so weekends are our big farm time and a chance to get some quality time with the kids. Here’s the run down.

When it comes to morning chores, we all get up as a family and do them together. Usually, we split the kids between ourselves to better manage their safety and our efficiency. This weekend, I had my daughter with me doing feed and cleaning chores while my husband had my son in the tractor feeding and bedding the cattle. We have a two seater tractors, which are are a God-send for us.  Elise and I fed mineral to the cows, were gate gophers and then the kids hung out in the truck outside the pens while the adults sorted cattle. The kids love to come and be part of the team.

My enthusiastic helper

My enthusiastic helper

Then Elise and I boogied home to make lunch for the crew. Most weekends my mother in-law and I split lunch duties for the crew, which is a treat. This weekend, the in-laws were away for short and very well deserved break and I covered lunch duty both days. I try to keep lunches moderately healthy while meeting the calories needs to the men that are working outside all day. Saturday’s lunch was simple half way home made tomato soup (I added in extra veggies, pasta and diced tomatoes), home made bunwiches and veggies. Sunday was pancakes & bacon (turkey and regular) as a pre-Shrove Tuesday celebration.

Afternoons are quiet time for the kids on Saturday, I get some house work done and try to sneak in a bit of time for myself to read or relax as well. My husband and in-laws are out working for the afternoon and usually do the PM chores solo. Saturday nights we try to have a movie or craft night and a wee bit later bed time for the kids. Many time the extended family comes for supper and we hang out together.

Sundays we do some chores together in the morning, but we have an early lunch, a short quiet time for the kids and then family time after that. This winter we had speed skating in the afternoons. Now that skating is over, we’ll be heading the pool for a swim. Physical activity and family time together is a big thing for us. In the summer, it’s biking lessons, playing on the swings or soccer practice in the front yard for us.

skating 1 skating 2

Sunday nights we try to keep for solo family time. I generally make up a big supper so we have left overs for during the week and prep for the rest of the week.

It’s a bit of a delicate dance to manage kids, work, farming and the house. My house is messier than I’d like, but my kids are happy and our farm business is developing, so I say 2 out 3 is a win.

3 thoughts on “Weekends – How we balance farm & family time

    • Thanks! The kids are pretty young yet so we may still hit the “I don’t want to help stage.” 🙂 We’re lucky to have a very cooperative family farm to make things groove well.

  1. It’s an incredible amount of work to balance day jobs and farm work. I can only imagine how hard it is for you. It sounds like you have some good systems in place and you enjoy it. We’re much smaller scale on pretty much every level, including the tractor. I would love a two-seater tractor. It would make things so much easier!

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