Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Day.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Day.icon_1

Did you know that 20% of farmers have talked to health care professionals about stress and mental heath? Farming can be a volatile, stressful business where self care can easily be neglected. We put in long hours with much of financial uncertainty. Mix in the emotional investment we have in our land & livestock and things can get out of hand. Mental health challenges are very real and I believe everyone needs to be more open and pro-active in caring for ALL aspects of our health.


I have experience with depression and mental health challenges and I can say this: Mental health is a big deal. Take care of yourself, reach out to others. I have experienced loved ones that have been very resistant to reaching out for help. My philosophy is that if you broke your arm, you would go to the doctor and get a cast. If you are experience mental health issues, you need to reach out for professional help and take the appropriate actions for self care. Keep silent and suffering hurts the individual, their family and very likely the farm business.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has great information and resources about many mental health issues.

Cow therapy can do a lot for a farmer, but be real with yourself and others, please reach out for help.

Money can't buy happiness...

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