The Sadder Side of Farming

Some days farming is rough. This weekend was a portrait in frustration.

We have been waiting since May to have a tractor fixed.

2 months is a long delay!

2 months is a long delay!

It was fine for seeding and spraying to work the land and cattle without our big tractor, but we need this bad boy to get our silage off. The problem is it’s a less common brand of tractor and we have a heck of a time finding mechanics to fix it. We found one such mechanic but he took a month to come see the tractor. Then it has been 3 weeks waiting for parts…all the while our crop has matured and matured and matured to the point where we are pretty desperate to get going.

And then I ran over the family dog this weekend.

Sandy Dog

“Sandy Dog” as my kids called her.

Yep. I backed¬†over our 14 year old, sweetest dog you can ever find. She didn’t die from the run over, she actually got up and walked away. Unfortunately though, she had a large mass in her mouth that wasn’t responding to our vet’s treatment, so it was time so say good-bye to our beloved Sandy.

And when, it rains it pours, we also euthanized one our horses; Graylie. She was a super well tempered girl but was lame in two legs and also not recovering. It sucks to put down a horse that is otherwise healthy. In terms of welfare, it was 100% the right thing to do, but it still felt very wrong.

So, yes I raise cattle for meat production, but no one on our farm enjoys death. We lost a couple of very dear members of the farm this weekend.




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