Tough runs….

Today I had a brutal run.  It was hot. Crazy humid. I am more of a cool weather runner. Scratch that, I’m a COLD weather runner. I’ll merrily run at -20 any day of the week. Anyhow….

Feels like 33 going on a million degrees out.

Feels like 33 going on a million degrees out.

I was lucky enough to have a couple run buddies with me for the first 1 km. There they were running like gazelles while I felt like a sloth. The chatted, I gasped away….At about 1.5 km they went on their merry gazelle-like way. I continued on with my path. No music, just me a hot wind and my thoughts. Oh my thoughts….

So here are things that went through my head on my run today:

  • My god, why do I do this?? Oh right. I like this….Who the hell likes this?
  • Damn you crazy fast runners!
  • So jealous of the topless runners….hmmm…maybe…NOPE. Not happening. So not ever happening!
  • Oh look a topless man coworker- awkward!!
  • Is walk break time yet? Damn you 10 & 1’s!
  • Oh I look pregnant ladies….man, am I glad I’m not prego in this heat!!! See, it could be worse.
  • But wait, mat leave was pretty awesome…
  • What, how did that dude get a 6 pack of beer in the park at noon??
  • I would love a toilet right now….oh, false alarm.
  • Is is walk break time? Please, let it be soon!
  • Thank GOD!! A breeze. A teeny tiny breeze!
  • Why do my feet feel like burning??
  • How the hell can Triathlete Kristen Sweetland ever run and not feel her legs?!? Lucky b*tch.
  • Oh again, it could worse, I’m not out walking in a suit and tie….poor bugger.
  • Almost done
  • Look, you’ve already gone 4.3 km, why not do a full 5K??
  • Heaven! I found a sprinkler!!
  • Why is the last 0.5 km so damn long!
  • Hallelujah I am finished!!

All done!

So what’s my point? Some days runs are hard. Crappy, struggling, panting, sweaty messes. But they are part of the gig. Good runs, bad runs…they are all part of the journey.  But, I guarantee you I feel better after a run. My mind feel fresh, my body is alive and I got to enjoy the outdoors. So take that crappy run 🙂

I am one Sweaty Betty here!

I am one Sweaty Betty here!

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