Caring about caring for animals


This week all over the news there has been the big story about employees being charged with animal cruelty on the largest dairy farm in Canada. As a former dairy farmer and a current cattle farmer, this has left me feeling sick and sleepless.

Animal cruelty is never ok. Some of the footage that was captured is disturbing and some of it are regular dairy practices blown of proportion.

Bottom line, what these people did was very wrong. But I challenge all people to think over the course of the past month how many times have you as a mother, a animal caretaker, as a human, have you made mistakes? We are human we make mistakes. Now imagine a secret camera and a team editors at you worst enemies disposal
to make you look like a terror. This is what animal rights groups do to livestock producers. Their mandate is to end all animal agriculture. Period. So please think that there is biases in the story.

My plea is to all people to realize that the footage on that video clip are not the normals. We have codes of practise in our industries to adhere to and farmers have a love of animals. We understand the concept of duty of care.

Talk to a farmer, go see their operations and see the real story of agriculture. See how we care. We love to talk candidly about our industry.

Bottom line, as a industry we let our consumer down and we need to strive for better.

What do you think?

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